The DARING Mindset

Are you ready to get fanatical about seriously uplevelling your life, business, career and relationships?

To let go of the fears that are holding you back?

To let go of failure and embrace experimentation?

To take a DARING leap of faith into your incredible future?

DREAM it. DARE it. DO it.

Hi I'm Jo - the Human BEING Coach!

I inspire passionate and innovative women who are holding themselves back through self-doubt and confidence to create a powerful DARING Mindset so that they can unlock their true potential and create the life, career, business, and relationship success that they truly deserve

Why work with me? 

Through my Tiggerish energy and fearless nature I inspire women to innovate, grow and shine in ways they never thought possible

I have 20 years' experience in leadership, management, coaching and mentoring, working with innovators, researchers, and leaders at all levels and across disciplines

I have lived and breathed a Daring Mindset my whole life after being born with a life-threatening heart condition, beating the odds to gain 3 degrees, travel to over 30 countries, abseil down a 150-foot quarry, achieve a Tae Kwon Do green belt and have a successful leadership career!

I am all about you, the living, breathing Human BEING at the centre of your world

 "Quite simply, my life has been transformed. I made the initial contact because I had reached an impasse, both professionally and personally. I could not see a path ahead at all, and much of my thinking was focused on looking back over my shoulder at where I had come from, prompting feelings of regret, anger, and self-doubt. Our conversations have enabled me to move forward with renewed purpose and confidence." 


 "Our conversations really have had such a huge impact on my life this year, and opened paths for some wonderful new people to show up in place of the situations I’ve let go of. I look forward to working with you again in the future!

Corrie Talo

 "Now I have a plan that is much more aligned to my values. I have known for a while that the job I am doing is not my vocation. I can do it, well I think, but it's not how I want to spend such a huge portion of my life. The coaching helped me crystallise that and plan for a detour! Then it helped me successfully take the first step on that detour, which is often the hardest I think


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